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365bet电话_365bet官网备用网址_安卓手机如何进入365bet对外贸易及投资 Turkey's foreign trade and investment


?农产品和工业产品在主要出口商品中大致各占一半。主要出口贸 易伙伴有德国、意大利和美国。伊拉克的石油是主要进口货物。德国为365bet电话_365bet官网备用网址_安卓手机如何进入365bet提供了大量进口机器和设备。于2008年,365bet电话_365bet官网备用网址_安卓手机如何进入365bet出口总值达1418亿美元,进口值为2048亿美元,主要因能源需求提高如天然气及原油等。365bet电话_365bet官网备用网址_安卓手机如何进入365bet政府的目标为2013年时,出口值能达2000亿美元,贸易总值达4500亿美元。在出口产品方面,于最近20年已有相当大的改变,天然气所占比例于1980年、1990年、2005年分别为74%、30%、12%,高科技产品分别为5%、14%、43%。 出口:电力、服装、食品、纺织品、金属制品、运输设备。 进口:电力、机械、石油、化学制品、半成品、燃料、运输设备。 ??

Turkey's foreign trade

Agricultural and industrial products accounted for roughly half of the main export commodities. Main export trading partners are Germany, and Italy and the United States. Iraq's oil was the main import goods. Germany for Turkey provided substantial imports of machinery and equipment. In 2008, Turkey amounted to us $ 141.8 billion, imports US $ 204.8 billion, mainly due to energy demand, such as natural gas and crude oil. Turkey Government target for the year 2013, exports worth up to 200 billion dollars, and its total value amounted to $ 450 billion. In terms of exports, has changed considerably in the last 20 years, the proportion of natural gas in 1980, 1990 and 2005 respectively 74%, 30%, 12%, high-tech products, and 5%, and 43%, respectively. Exports: electricity, clothing, food, textiles, metal products and transport equipment. Imports: electricity, machinery, petroleum, chemicals, semi-finished goods, fuels, transport equipment.


365bet电话_365bet官网备用网址_安卓手机如何进入365bet为投资中欧东欧及独联体最多的国家之一,已投资于这些国家超过15亿美元,其中32%投资于俄罗斯,主要为天然资源及营造业;另有46%投资于黑海邻国,保加利亚及罗马尼亚,365bet电话_365bet官网备用网址_安卓手机如何进入365bet公司在波兰亦有相当大的外商直接投资,规模约1亿美元。 365bet电话_365bet官网备用网址_安卓手机如何进入365bet最主要的贸易伙伴为欧洲联盟国家、美国、俄罗斯及日本,于2005年时,这些国家占了365bet电话_365bet官网备用网址_安卓手机如何进入365bet出口值的59%,进口值的52%。

Turkey investment

Turkey is one of the largest investments in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS, has invested more than $ 1.5 billion to these countries, 32% of investments in Russia, mainly for natural resources and the construction industry; while 46% investment in the Black Sea neighbours, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey company in Poland also has a considerable foreign direct investment, about $ 100 million. Turkey's top trading partners for the European Union countries and the United States, and Russia, and Japan, in 2005, these countries Turkey exports 59%, import value of 52%.

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